8151 Norton Parkway | Mentor, Ohio 44060


Our family feels so blessed to have our mom be the very 1st resident of Mentor Ridge Health & Rehabilitation. There's no doubt in our minds but that God led us directly here, and we are so very grateful! Since our first interactions with the staff here we've felt like this was definitely the right place to be at the exact right time.

We have 4 years of round the clock home care, some of which was good, but lots was not -- and the difference between our care at home & our care here is like night and day. Mom is really thrilled to be here, which is a surprise as she never wanted to go into a long-term care facility, and we kept her at home for as long as could to honor her wishes. But when this opportunity presented itself, she was the biggest proponent of "let's go!"

Since coming here, I feel like I have my mom back. She seems more like her old self, remembering things better, telling jokes, laughing, more engaged in a conversations than she's been in a long time. Several family members have noticed this as well. I know it's due to the atmosphere here.

Here mom has regained her dignity. She is respected and valued & her room is her castle. She loves her private room and is surrounded by all her family photos that she treasures. The attitude of the maintenance people has been amazing -- every picture she wants hung is hung with a smile.

It feels like home to mom here -- and to our family as well. When we come to visit it's like we are visiting our extended family. There is a peace here that is hard to explain.

The nursing staff is A+! The care has been fantastic -- I've watched situations unfold that could have been challenging, but they've been handled by the nursing staff with amazing care. Even the Director of Nursing has been involved in situations that somewhere else would only be handled by the aides. Here, everyone pitches in to get the job done, which is impressive.

The staff keeps me informed with exactly what's happening with mom -- they are in constant contact to be sure that I am completely in the loop. And when we've had to go outside the facility for doctor visits, the coordination has been wonderful. And we've appreciated the use of Mentor Ridge's van for door-to-door transportation.

We had looked at other nursing homes prior to finding Mentor Ridge & are amazed that the cost of this beautiful, 5-star " Resort" (it really looks like a beautiful hotel rather than a nursing home!) is only just a bit more than other facilities where you have to share a room with someone and the room is divided by a curtain and there's no room to put even a chair or two. I had anticipated that there would lots of "extra" charges for various things, but everything has been included, which has been terrific and unexpected. I am so grateful!

I highly recommend Mentor Ridge if you are looking for a home for a loved one who needs long-term care. I feel like I'm Mentor Ridge's biggest fan -- please give my phone number to anyone who is on the fence, because I will convince them for you!!


I couldn't find a better place to spend the rest of my life. The care is the best - the food is great and the staff is so good!


Everyone had my best interest in mind. The nurses and Physical & Occupational Therapists were so encouraging, and helped me so much. Everyday, they pushed me to do a little more that I could reach my goals. I feel stronger and better and am confident to go home. I plan to return to "The Ridge" to continue outpatient therapy with the team I trust and the people who have helped me care for myself again.


Our family is so grateful that God led us to Mentor Ridge exactly one year ago & that our Mom could have the privilege of being Mentor Ridge’s first resident! We feel that she is safe there & completely cared for. Mom has adjusted well to this big change in her life, and she loves being the queen of her castle (her beautiful, spacious room) there. The staff has been amazing, with any & all concerns addressed immediately. And it feels like a big family there! We receive regular updates from the nursing staff on any changes to Mom’s medication/routine, and appreciate being completely in the loop with Mom’s care. I continue to be The Ridge’s biggest fan & use every opportunity to speak up about what a great experience this has been for Mom.


I could not have found a more dedicated staff of caring professionals in a nicer facility!